Why Choose Cardiovascular & Vein Center of Florida

Most individuals choose their physician based on self-referral or a referral made by a physician. The former is made when a person has a self-diagnosed symptom and visits a specialist that he/she thinks will treat him/her. Meanwhile, a referral made by a physician is usually done when the doctor suspects a more complex health problem and has asked for the input of a specialized colleague. While these two types of referral might help examine your current condition, they might not be the best way to determine the right diagnosis and treatment. This is because these referrals both have some sort of potential bias on the part of either the individual or the specialist.

If you want to avoid the inconveniences of undergoing unnecessary medical tests and prevent complications that may result in an inaccurate diagnosis, count on us. Our knowledgeable and experienced physicians perform a pretesting likelihood of having a condition. During this process, our doctor takes a detailed history from you and performs a physical evaluation to determine your potential health problems. We don’t just base our diagnosis on the symptoms that you experience, so we are confident that our recommended tests will have higher chances of not showing the usual result and will lead us to identify the most suitable treatment for you.